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In Trend since 900 Million Years Ago

Diamonds were found initially in India about 900 million years ago. They were incorporated in jewelry and worn to ward off evil spirits. However, because of its rarity, diamonds were completely depleted. After multiple diamond quests, diamonds were again found in great bulks in Brazil and South Africa in 1866. There were copious amounts of diamonds to make diamond jewelry again to this day. Since then, Diamond jewelry has been a popular trend amongst many.

Glitz Design has various diamond jewelry that match with fashion trends today. One of their famous pieces of jewelry is the Diamond Heart Pendant. This beautiful pendant comes in 14K White Gold and Yellow Gold. It’s perfect for someone who wants to express their feelings for a person they love. This beautiful diamond piece can be bought in color G-I and I-J and clarity of VS, SI, and I1.

The trend of having diamond jewelry is going to continue for years and years. Having diamond jewelry can only add beauty and a wow factor to an outfit!

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