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Who We Are

At Glitz Design we are jewelry experts led by individuals related to the industry for many decades and have an ancestral existence at a major diamond cutting and jewelry manufacturing center overseas. In 2009 we formally established a jewelry distribution operation in Houston, Texas.

Over these years we have achieved consistent growth and expertise in the jewelry and fashion industry. We have become a name to reckon with for diamond and gemstone jewelry.

Glitz Design Team Phgoto

In 2015 we set out to make the internet a medium to reach the elite jewelry buyers all over the world. We have created an online catalog of our products that are created from scratch in our manufacturing facility in Houston. We are proud to hire local individuals to manufacture, market and reach customers in the remotest places of North America and the rest of the world.

Customers Speak

The ring is beautiful. It's sizing is true. I have received many complements on it's setting, and color. I tend to favor smaller, less gaudy jewelry...this ring fits the bill. My recommendation is the seller, and product are both worth it
Janet Lyon, Vermontville, NY