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A Jewelry Admirer’s Journey to the Center of the Earth

The human mind is quite interesting. When humans (the majority of them) see an insect, an animal, or any living object, they typically don’t come in contact with or tend to stay far away from them. However, when it comes to animal/insect designed objects, people are so quick to buy it. Why is that so?

Having designs on living objects has been a popular trend since the 1700’s. In the Georgian Era, it was considered so valuable to have something that connects to Mother Nature, since finding them in good condition was rare. For that reason, these people captured Nature’s objects in crystal pendants or incorporated them into lockets. As the years past, the love for naturalism only increased. Nowadays, there are studs with leaflets, bracelets with little pandas on them, and pendants with designs of dragonflies and butterflies.

Glitz Design has a growing collection to show their love for naturalism. One of them is the 0.17 carat Dragonfly Diamond Pendant that comes in 14K white gold and yellow gold. It has 14 diamonds incorporated in the piece. The choice of clarity given is between VS, SI, and I1, and the color G-H and I-J. It’s a great gift for a loved one or oneself.

For a more gentle and curvy feeling, the 0.51 Carat Butterfly Diamond Pendant may be a better fit. It comes in 14K white gold and yellow gold with a choice of color and clarity of G-H, I-J, and VS, SI, I1 respectively. There are 42 diamonds incorporated on the rims of the butterfly wings. It will give a delicate touch to the heart of the Earth.

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