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Wedding Bands by Glitz Design

Wedding Bands

For people who are always working in places where flashy jewelry are looked down upon or for individuals who prefer a more subtle look, these wedding bands are perfect for you. These bands have a bit of a sparkle, but it's little enough not to attract too much attention there. Its gorgeousness and simplicity make it okay to be able to walk around your workplace with a little glamor but not too much to create a distraction.

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Princess Diamond Wedding Sets

Some couples prefer having differences in ring styles or prefer to have more than one ring. Ring Sets are your savior! We have many Wedding Ring Sets with princess cut diamonds and various others.

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings are meant to match the personalities of the two soulmates waiting to be intertwined. We have collections after collections of various wedding rings ranging from contemporary style to more of a classic style!

White Gold Wedding Rings

This collection of wedding rings is for those who prefer white gold over any other band metal. If you see a ring in yellow gold or rose gold that you want in white gold, you are guaranteed to be able to find it in white gold.