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Sidestone Diamond Engagement Rings by Glitz Design

Sidestone Diamond Engagement Rings

1ct 2ct or 1/2 ct Sidestone Diamond Rings are rings that will have an unforgettable impact. The sidestone rings create a unique look and bring more attention to the center stone. Handcrafted with much love; these rings are a wonderful way to remind that special someone how much they mean to you. Surprise your loved one with one of our side stone rings. #sidestone #sidestoneengagementrings #engagementrings #whitegold.

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Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Engagement Ring is one of our many favorites.  This collection is suitable for any need you have – whether you want a one-carat diamond, a black diamond ring, or one with side-stones. See which princess cut ring suits the princess in your life.


Buying a ring for yourself is always a great treat! We believe that it is imperative to be able to spoil yourself from time to time. This collection of rings is perfect for those who would like to give themselves a gift.

White Gold Wedding Rings

This collection of wedding rings is for those who prefer white gold over any other band metal. If you see a ring in yellow gold or rose gold that you want in white gold, you are guaranteed to be able to find it in white gold.

Round Cut Solitaire Engagement Rings

For those who enjoy having a more classic look, Round Cut Rings are a great way to portray that. This collection of rings can be passed for generations and also make great engagement rings. It has round cut rings perfect for a classical look and has a way of fitting in the fashion trend.