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Terms and Conditions

By using this website, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. We ask that if you are not 18 or older, you do not use this website. Glitz Design prohibits any use of our products to advertise/market for yours or anyone else's company without authorization by our owner. Glitz Design’s affiliated websites and trademarks are Glitz Design and Deucemark; all are owned and copyrighted by Glitz Design and stealing any information from these websites is also prohibited. We ask that you do not send us any spam emails with products you sell that are unrelated such as artwork, beading, etc. Glitz Design reserves the right to bring any personal information to court if necessary due to fraudulent behavior, theft, or any other legal issue that affects our business.

If there are any additional questions about our terms of service, you may send us an email or stop in at our office.

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