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What We Do

Diamonds &

Diamonds are appreciated by the 4 C’s Carat, Colour, Clarity, & Cut. Today measuring all these C’s can be done without human interference by machines and advanced equipment. However at Glitz Design we have learnt from experts who did not have access to machines or advanced equipment and so are proud that we do not need these systems for making accurate judgements about diamonds and gemstones. We are trained and certified by industry experts. We may use technology to verify our judgment but have mastered diamond authentication and verification over these years with practical experience and independent verification. Diamond appraisal is not purely an academic endeavour but rather an art form which needs thorough experience.

Jewelry Design
& Manufacturing

At the very soul of the jewelry industry lays the designer who sees ideas come alive and become real. Our team takes great ideas and illustrates them, and then we put out our jewelers to create that piece before we decide if it’s a hit or a miss. We keep iterating till we hit that jaw dropping style for today’s woman or man. Our team has the creative and technical skills needed to create simplistic and elegant styles that will adorn the elite.

Ethical and
Conflict Free Sourcing

“The Kimberley Process (KP) is a joint governments, industry and civil society initiative to stem the flow of conflict diamonds – rough diamonds used by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments.” All our suppliers confirm that the diamonds they provide us with are Conflict Free and not being used for any such finance wars. Also they confirm that they have been procured via legitimate sources without human conflict.

Made In USA

Glitz Design is dedicated to bringing the jobs and prosperity back to the United States of America. When indicated on our products or mentioned most of the product and usually all of it is Made In USA. We proudly promote this philosophy along with Our Partner Brands.

Customers Speak

The diamonds were as described, if not a grade higher. Very pleased. Backing was secure and of high quality - 2 months of constant wear and no tarnishing (diamonds still sparkle with no direct cleaning) Earring box is unique yet complimentary - feels like time and care was put into this product. Packaging shows up as a small 'present' you have to open which is a nice touch. Would easily buy again.
Jeremy Randall, Old Orchard Beach, ME