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What We Do

Diamonds &

Diamonds are a precious and rare gemstone that can be found in many different colors. They're appreciated by the 4 C’s Carat, Color ,Clarity & Cut Today measuring all these qualities requires advanced equipment but at Glitz Design we do not have access to such technologies so instead rely on years of experience from experts who lack even basic machinery or training when it comes down diamond authentication . Our certification was acquired through independent verification where they were trained under industry leaders like you! Art is an essential part about appraising because without thorough knowledge no matter how much tech savvy someone might otherwise appear there will ever really

Jewelry Design
& Manufacturing

We have a creative team skilled enough to bring out simplistic styles but also know how technical skills play integral part when creating something jaw droppingly stunning like you'll see on any elite person walking down New York City"s 47th St and 5th Avenue Jewelry district.

Ethical and
Conflict Free Sourcing

Glitz Design is committed to keeping American jobs and prosperity coming back home. We're proud of our partnership with Partner Brands, who make all their products in America too!

Made In USA

Glitz Design is dedicated to bringing the jobs and prosperity back to the United States of America. When indicated on our products or mentioned most of the product and usually all of it is Made In USA. We proudly promote this philosophy along with Our Partner Brands.

Customers Speak

The diamonds were as described, if not a grade higher. Very pleased. Backing was secure and of high quality - 2 months of constant wear and no tarnishing (diamonds still sparkle with no direct cleaning) Earring box is unique yet complimentary - feels like time and care was put into this product. Packaging shows up as a small 'present' you have to open which is a nice touch. Would easily buy again.
Jeremy Randall, Old Orchard Beach, ME