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Everything is Better in Black

Black Diamonds didn’t gain much popularity until the 1990’s. However, they hold a great past dating back from the Mid-18th century. During that period, the Portuguese found Black Diamonds in Brazil. They called it Carbonado Diamonds due to its similarity to charcoal. Unfortunately, these diamonds are only found in Brazil and Central African Republic making the Black Diamond the rarest of all diamonds and expensive.

The Black Diamond has multiple meanings behind it. Some people think that touching the diamond reconciles a fallen relationship while others think it’ll bring good luck, fortune, or immense happiness. Due to this myth, the Black Diamond began to gain its popularity.

To bring happiness or to make amends, one can get the Marquise Cut Solitaire Black Diamond Cathedral Setting Ring. It comes in 14K White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold and color clarity AAA. The Marquise stone shape is the focal point of the ring bringing a leaner look to the fingers. The simplicity of this ring is what makes this Black Diamond Ring so beautiful and lovely.

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