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Soft as a Pillow - Cushion Cut Jewelry

Looking simple yet class is quite a challenge. It was understood that looking comfortable meant wearing a beautiful frock and calling it a day. It was also the norm that looking fashionable was having clean, slick hair, some nice jeans/skirts, and a blouse/shirt. However, in this generation, it is possible to look comfortable yet look fashionable enough to fit the crowd.

An excellent way to create a feel of a relaxed yet trendy look is to accessorize! While one wears a simple black dress, it is possible to add some studs or even a necklace. It is preferable to wear a stylish necklace that doesn’t offset the semi-casual outfit. Cushion shaped jewelry fitted for a situation like this.

People prefer square shaped jewelry over any other jewelry because it goes with anything. However, it doesn’t have the power to create a classy look. Due to the soft corners of cushion shaped jewelry, it can change the entire dynamic of a simple outfit. Glitz Design has cushion shaped jewelry to fulfill that desire. The Cushion Double Halo Cluster Diamond Pendant is a perfect fit for a situation like this one. It is fashionable enough to dress up an everyday outfit, or even add subtlety to a fancy outfit. The whole shape of the Cushion Double Halo Cluster Diamond Pendant is cushion although the shapes of the actual diamonds are round. It comes in 14K Gold and has a double halo that supports 3/8 carat white diamonds. There is a choice of Clarity for the diamonds between VS, SI, and I1 and color of G-H or I-J. This diamond can be bought with or without a chain.

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