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Emerald-Cut Diamond Rings and Jewelry

Emerald-Cut Diamond Rings and Jewelry

Emerald cut Engagement Rings are globally recognized as one of the most popular choices for victorian style engagement rings for women. The emerald cut makes the engagement rings look beautiful with its elegance and sparkle. The Emerald Cut diamond ring has a statement appeal because of the vintage inspired designs and they are trending high jewelry pieces just like the round brilliant diamond ring or the princess cut diamond ring. 

Thanks to some of the celebrities, the emerald cut diamonds got the limelight they deserved. Angelina Jollie and Brad Pitt made an announcement of their engagement in early 2012 and soon after, Angelina Jollie was spotted with her engagement ring featuring a large center Emerald Cut Diamond. Since then, Emerald Cut Diamond Rings seem to be seen more frequently. J.Lo’s Emerald cut engagement ring is one of the most famous emerald cut diamonds in the world. Even Beyonce has the emerald cut diamond engagement ring, and also Liz Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Amal Clooney. 

The emerald cut is a more rectangular version of the Asscher shaped diamond and has cut corners with step facets coming off each other, fewer than brilliant cuts possess. Because of the smaller number of facets in the diamond and the amount of choppy crude look it retains during the process, emerald cut has become a popular option for those who are on a budget. Facets on the opposite sides should be parallel to each other in the Emerald cut diamonds as symmetry is a very important aspect for the Emerald Cut.

Other aspects while looking for Emerald engagement rings are the color and clarity of the Emerald Cuts. The bigger the Emerald cut diamond, the more beautiful it looks. Color and clarity play a very important role in 2 carat emerald cut diamond ring and 3 carat emerald cut diamond ring. 

The emerald cut is not only famous for the diamonds but the emerald cut sapphire rings and emerald cut moissanite rings are also trending. Sleek and elegant, the emerald cut diamond ring is a perfect choice for someone who’s sophisticated and romantic. Browse through our collection of Emerald Cut Diamond Rings, Emerald cut sapphire rings, Emerald cut moissanite rings, princess cut diamond rings, and many more for your special one. 

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