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Diamond settings available in Fine Jewelry designed by Glitz Design

Diamond settings available in Fine Jewelry designed by Glitz Design

Glitz Design uses a variety of setting methods to set loose diamonds and gemstones. Picking a perfect diamond setting is very important for the look and safety of your diamond jewelry. A diamond ring setting not only secures the diamond but also decides how much metal one needs to pop out from the ring. For example, the prong setting gives a diamond a more prominent look by decreasing the presence of the metal, while the bezel setting adds a more dramatic look. In this blog, we will guide you through the broad range of setting techniques for the engagement rings, diamond ring setting styles.  

  • Pave Diamond Setting: Pave Diamond setting is an elegant way of setting the diamonds or gemstones low and very close together with the help of small beads. This engagement ring setting is gaining a lot of popularity in the new generation as it makes the surface of the ring appears with the embellishment of small diamonds for the brilliant effect. 

  • Bezel Diamond Setting: In the bezel setting, the diamonds are set deep inside the mounting while the metal rim encircles the stone to give the illusion of the larger stone. It is one of the most secure settings for the diamonds by giving proper protection. Bezel diamond ring setting is perfect for someone who is very active with their hands. 

  • Channel Diamond Setting: Channel setting is a contemporary style of diamond settings. The diamonds or gemstones are set in place between the vertical metal walls in a straight line by forming a channel. The most common shapes used for this engagement ring setting is a round brilliant, but the princess cut diamond is suited even better as it shows no space in between because their straight edges meet one another. 

  • Prong Diamond Setting: In the prong setting, diamonds are secured in place by wrapping two or more prongs around the crown of the diamond or gemstone. Glitz Design mostly uses a four-prong setting or six prong setting in such a style to give maximum security. This technology minimizes the amount of metal and it let more light pass through the stone. This is the most common setting for the marquise diamond settings. This setting presents the stone more prominently by raising the stone with the help of prongs above the rest of the ring. 

  • Martini Diamond Setting / 3 Prong Setting: The martini setting is a trendy twist on the diamond setting. The three-prong setting forms an elegant shape of a martini glass and that’s why this setting is also called a martini diamond setting. The martini setting is mostly used for the diamond earrings. The martini studs are the most classic choices for the diamonds. 

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