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How to make black diamond stud earrings look bigger?

How to make black diamond stud earrings look bigger?

To make black diamond stud earrings look bigger, choose a setting that allows more of the diamond to be visible, like a bezel setting. Opt for slender prongs to highlight the stone. The more surface area visible, the larger the stone will look.
A halo setting is an inexpensive way to make a diamond look bigger. A cluster of side stones around a larger diamond will give the illusion of a brighter, more prominent stone. Sometimes you can get larger earring backs, and they'll "support" your earlobes a bit better and keep your diamonds facing out instead of downward.

• Another way to make them look bigger is to choose a pair with large stones—look for ones that are at least one carat each.

• The shape of the stone can also affect how big it looks: usually, a round stone will appear larger than an oval or pear-shaped stone. Choose a brilliant cut diamond versus a cushion cut diamond. Select an elongated or oval central diamond.

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