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Glitz Design's Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday is the perfect day to shop! This is the day to be able to get whatever you want for an unbeatable price at the comfort of your home. With all the holiday shopping craze, it gets tiring to have to walk around through the crowds to get the perfect holiday presents.

This Cyber...

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Glitz Design's Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday is a way to appreciate the beauty of the internet. And because of the internet, we have online shopping. With the holiday shopping backing up traffic and increasing time consumption at each store, online shopping makes the process easier, and it saves time.

This Cyber Monday, Glitz Design is making your holiday shopping...

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Prepare Yourself for Glitz Design’s Black Friday Sales Event!

December Birthstone Blue Topaz 14K White Gold Necklace Double Halo Cushion  with Chain 1.70 ct

Black Friday is what everyone looks forward to all year! This day, people from all around the United States get what they have wished to get at an unbeatable price! This Friday, you can get any desired diamond jewelry piece at an amazing price!

On Friday, November 25, 2016, Glitz Design will be opening their Black Friday Sales Event to...

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Prepare Yourself For Glitz Design Labor Day Sale

September Birthstone Blue Sapphire Diamond Stud Earrings Classic Oval Cut 14K Gold 1.50 cttw

Labor Day is less than a week away!!! But do we know why we celebrate Labor Day or when this celebration started? Labor Day was originally a labor movement to appreciate the hard work and efforts of the American Workers. This movement finally became a federal holiday in the late 19th century.

This celebration is a...

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Glitz Design Launches Their New Product: Peridot Marquise Diamond Ring

August is one of the most interesting months of the year – mainly because the fashion trends tend to change right about this period. People begin to change their attire to a more Fall setting, the atmosphere begins to change, and people begin to prepare for the cooler months to come.

One of the most eye-catching ways of blending in...

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