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One of the most rarest diamonds - Fancy Blue Diamonds!


Blue Diamonds are considered the rarest Diamond Category with Red, Pink and Violet stones. It is a type of a Diamond which exhibits same inherent properties of the mineral. The only difference is it carries the element of blue color in the stone. Blue Diamonds belong to the fancy color diamonds group of Natural Earth-mined Diamonds.


Blue Diamonds are made by nature just like all other fancy colored diamonds.They are found with their beautiful color tone but the process of cutting and polishing can have an effect on its color. Very rare and valuable, this blue color is due to the trace amounts of impurity called boron and nitrogen.


Blue Diamonds are found in very few mines around the world. The Hope Diamond, the earliest found blue diamond, was discovered in the Kollu mine located in India. Afterward, they were found in Cullinan Mine in South Africa and Argyle Mine in Australia.   


Blue diamonds are very valuable due to their rarity. They are valued higher than most colored diamonds, but just like all other diamonds, their prices are determined based on the diamond’s color, clarity, and size. A small diamond can cost a few thousand dollars and as the clarity and size go up, they can cost in millions also. They come in several shades like normal blue, grayish blue, violet-blue, and greenish blue. A Natural Fancy blue diamond is a genuine diamond that has not been treated with heat or any chemicals to obtain its color.


Add one more color to your Fine Diamond Jewelry collection.



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