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Where are most gold nuggets found?

Where are most gold nuggets found?

 Most gold nuggets are found near the surface of the earth, in areas that have been eroded by rivers or other natural forces. Often, gold nuggets are found in placer deposits, which are concentrations of gold particles that have been deposited by moving water. Placer gold can be found in many different environments, including riverbeds, stream gravels, and beaches. In some cases, gold nuggets may be buried deeper underground, in lode deposits. Lode gold is typically associated with quartz veins or other rock formations that contain gold-bearing minerals. Gold nuggets can also be found in gold-bearing rocks that have been eroded over time, exposing the gold to the surface. Nuggets vary in size from a few grams to several kilograms. The largest gold nugget ever found was the "Welcome Stranger," which weighed in at 2,315 troy ounces (about 71 kg).


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