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What's the biggest nugget of gold ever found?

What's the biggest nugget of gold ever found?


Some of the largest gold nuggets ever found have come from Australia. The biggest one on record weighed in at a whopping 2,280 pounds (1,036 kilograms)! This behemoth was discovered in Australia's Victoria province in 1869 by a miner named John Deason. There have been other large nuggets found since then, but nothing quite so massive.


Other notable big gold nuggets include the Welcome Stranger, also found in Australia, which weighed in at 2,520 troy ounces (78 kg) and was discovered in 1869; the Canaã nugget, found in Brazil in 1983 and weighing 1,955 troy ounces (60 kg); and the Pepita Canaã, a 2,440 troy ounce (76 kg) behemoth found in the same Brazilian mine as the Canaã nugget just a year later.


As you can see, some pretty sizable gold nuggets have been unearthed over the years! It just goes to show that there's still plenty of the precious metal out there waiting to be found. So, if you're feeling lucky, who knows? You might just strike it rich yourself!

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