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What happened to the diamond necklace in woman in gold?

What happened to the diamond necklace in woman in gold?


The diamond necklace in woman in gold was sold by the owner after it went missing. It is not known where the necklace is now or how much it was sold for. The owner may have decided to keep the necklace as a private asset or she may have sold it through a public auction. If you are interested in purchasing the diamond necklace, you may be able to find it through a jeweler who specializes in selling vintage jewelry. You can also check online auction sites or classified ads to see if the necklace is being offered for sale. The owner may also be willing to sell the necklace directly to you if you are interested in purchasing it.


The diamond necklace plays an important role in the film woman in gold. It is a reminder of the owner's lost homeland and her memories of growing up there. The necklace also has great sentimental value to the owner and she is reluctant to sell it. However, after the necklace goes missing, she decides to sell it in order to get some money to help support her family. The sale of the diamond necklace is a significant event in the film and it helps to provide a resolution for the story.

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