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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Glitz Design warrants their products to be free from manufacturing issues for the life of the products. If your product has a manufacturing defect, return your item to us, and we will inspect your item. If we confirm that your item is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair your item. If necessary, we will replace the item.

If the damage on the item is not caused by a manufacturing problem, then we will send you a response if the repair service is available for a cost.

As a reminder, there are variations and natural inclusions to any item or their gemstones, and they shouldn’t be taken as a defect from manufacturing.

Cleaning Services on Diamond Rings

On our education page, we have instructions to how to clean your diamond jewelry piece, which should often be done. Cleaning your jewelry piece is a great way to extend the life of your jewelry and makes it look brand new. You could also get it inspected and clean by us. The customer will have to pay to ship the product and for the service.

Conditions and Exclusions

Warranty services are provided to person who purchased a product from Glitz Design.

Repair and Maintenance performed by another company will void the Glitz Design warranty on your product.

This product is not impermeable to everyday wear or activities. This applies especially to rings because of the consistent usage of hands for everyday activities. We do not provide warranties on jewelry whose damages have been caused by everyday wear, loss of the product, or loss of the stones.

Some examples for jewelry issues that would not be considered as manufacturing defects are:

  1. Discoloration for a product due to chemical exposure, make-up, or water activities.
  2. Worn-out or broken prongs and precious metals.
  3. Lost or chipped stone due to everyday wear.