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How can i get my wedding ring reset?

How can I get my wedding ring reset?

1) Add accents with diamonds. This is the most basic way to dress up your old sparkler and give it some new life, so try adding small pavements or basketweaves throughout for an aged look that’s more custom than simple round brilliant shapes will provide on their own! If you want even less work but still freshness out of all those centuries-old rocks in your pocket though we recommend just getting something like this instead:

2) Make it a Three-stone Ring. Add one or rather two more diamonds to your solitaire engagement ring or accent diamond engagement ring and make it symbolize your love your commitment and your present. Voila ! you have a Past Present Future three-stone engagement ring.

3) Upgrade your Center Diamond. You need to re-commit to your engagement. Just upgrade to a larger center diamond and there you go a lot to look forward to in life. Who doesn't love a larger Rock!

4) Engagement rings are traditional symbols of betrothal, so it only makes sense that you would want to make your own mark on this special tradition. One way is by adding a halo - or three-stone setting with an extra center diamond--to the outside bands for something more unique than what's already out there!

5) One of the most popular ways to upgrade your engagement ring is by switching out its diamond setting for something different. This not only gives you more options when it comes time for wedding bands, but also adds some flair that no one else will have on their hand!

6) One of the most popular ways to change up your engagement ring is by adding colored gemstones. You can choose from dozens or even hundreds for a custom design, so it will be sure not get boring!

7) Trade in your old ring for something new and get the couple that everyone wants to be jealous of. Falling in love has never looked so good!


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