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Certificate of Authenticity

                              Glitz Design - Certificate of AuthenticityThis is a certificate that has the information about the diamonds set on your jewelry piece.

SKU Number: The SKU Number is the identification number for the item you bought.

Carat Weight: The carat weight tells you the total weight of your item.

Gem Type: This specifically tells you what the gems in your product are. On this card, it says that the gems are 100% Natural Diamonds.

Cut: The cut tells you how much light is reflected from the diamond so you could get the sparkle effect. In this card, the cut is “Very Good”. This means that the gems on this item will get a great amount of light reflected to give you that sparkle.

Color:  The color tells you how much of a yellow tint the diamond has. Here, it say that the stones on the item has a G-H color, meaning that the diamonds are nearly colorless. If your Certificate of Authenticity shows any letter past J which means your diamond is quite yellow (depending on how close you are to Z).

Clarity: The clarity tells you how much blemishes or inclusions are in your stones. On this certificate, it says that the clarity of the stones are SI2-SI3, meaning that there are inclusions that are noticeable under a microscope.

Treatment: The treatment tells you whether there was a color enhancement or a clarity enhancement. In this case, there were none. If it were a blue diamond ring, for example, the treatment section would say “Color Enhanced” rather than “None.”  

Metal: The metal tells you what the gemstones are set in, whether it is on silver, white gold, platinum, etc.

Estimated Retail Price: The estimated retail price tells you the original price of the item you have bought. If you bought an item for a marked down price, this will tell you what the actual cost of your item is.

Barcode: The barcode number is made specifically for your item. If you look this up on the Deucemark website, all the information about this product will be there.

There are a few steps you can take to get the information about your product.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the barcode number in the box “Enter your certificate barcode”. When you enter your barcode number, be sure to enter the hyphens. If there are any letters in your barcode, they will be case sensitive.
  3. After entering in your barcode number, click verify certificate. You should see an exact replica of your certificate of authenticity card.

If you do not see your card on the Deucemark website, please email and we will be sure to have your certificate on there.