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Necklaces by Glitz Design


Necklaces are one of the perfect ways to show endearment towards a loved one or a dear friend. The person you are gifting the necklace will know you went out of your way to get them something beautiful because you care about them. Not only will this collection of necklaces will bring happiness and strength to your relationship, but also bring back the precious memories the two of you created.

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White Gold Necklace

If you have jewelry in yellow gold, then you know that it is a necessity to own a pair in white gold. For any necklace you find in yellow gold, you can get in white gold! Check out our collection and see which one wins your heart today!

Princess Cut Necklace

Princess Cut Diamonds look beautiful in necklace form, and we have a collection to suit your outfits for the day.

White Gold Heart Necklace

If you plan on getting a necklace for a loved one, then you should get a diamond heart white gold necklace. They are gorgeous and touches the heart of the person you’re gifting it to.  Show your love by choosing one of our heart necklaces from our collection of diamond heart necklaces.