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Anniversaries have been around since the Roman Empire. It is to celebrate the initial day of a special celebration (usually marriage). It was only celebrated when the royalty reached twenty-five years or fifty years of marriage. Now, it is celebrated annually.

Usually, diamonds are gifted on the thirtieth anniversary. However times have changed, and people now gift diamonds regardless, however, many anniversaries they have celebrated with their loved one.

Often, men gift diamond earrings for their wives for their anniversary. It is a subtle reminder of how much they love their wives. It is also a great addition to a beautiful outfit. One type of diamond earrings to gift for an anniversary is Three-Prong Martini Style Diamond Earrings.

The Three-Prong Martini Style Diamond Earrings is a round cut diamond earring and comes in yellow-gold and white-gold. It is a timeless design that will be treasured for generations! It can be worn with a casual outfit or formal attire. Ladies tend to piece their outfit together from head to toe. As an anniversary gift, these studs will be a perfect.

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