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Why Diamonds are so expensive?

It is very obvious to be shocked when you look at the price tag of diamond jewelry. One must be thinking, why diamonds are so expensive? Are they rare? So let’s learn the truth of diamonds! 

Diamond is a solid form of the carbon with its molecules organized in a crystal structure called diamond cubic. They are typically about 99.95% carbon and the rest can include other trace elements that are not part of diamonds' essential chemistry. You must be thinking if the diamonds are just carbon which is a very common mineral in nature, why are they so rare! But it is not so easy like Graphite which is another form of carbon. Graphite crystallizes at lower temperature and pressure at earth’s crust. While in any case, to solidify as a diamond, carbon must be exposed to the very high temperature and pressure that exist far below the world's surface, in the mantle. Under these conditions, every carbon particle structures short, solid bonds with four adjoining carbon atoms. Diamonds were formed 3.5 billion years ago and some of them were brought to the surface million years ago via volcanic eruptions. Many stayed implanted in the cemented molten shake, normally kimberlite, while others were scattered after some time, moved hundreds and even a huge number of miles by rivers and different conduits as the host shake disintegrated. Many could not make it, breaking separated either due to precious stone's cleavage or the presence of large inclusions. 

Diamond mining is expensive as the large volume of ore has to be removed and then processed to recover them. Also, diamond mines are usually in a remote area which adds complexity. Mining at the frozen landscape of Siberia and Canada, or remote districts in Africa and Australia, has exceptional difficulties which play a major role in adding the cost. 

Industrial Diamonds are a low quality that makes up by far most of the rough recuperated from most of the mines. Such diamonds are not suitable for jewelry. While the proportion of diamonds useful for jewelry to metal changes from mine to mine and even inside a mine, laborers regularly should process about a huge amount of rock to recoup a bit of gem rough gauging a half portion of a carat, which may deliver a faceted diamond a half of that size, or 25 points. 

In today’s world, diamonds are widely available and affordable. Yet diamonds with high color and clarity are rare. To produce 1 ct D flawless diamond, something extremely heavy kimberlite or some secondary material has to be processed to get single rough. All these processes and the rarity of such high-quality diamonds reflect in its price. 

Now that we have understood the rarity of diamonds and why they are so expensive, there are other factors that affect the diamond price. Learn about diamond 4Cs and browse through our mesmerizing collection of diamond jewelry at!

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