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When You Love Roses and Gold, Why Not Get Both?

Proposing to a loved one during Christmas just makes the season much brighter. With such happiness in the air, proposing is a great addition to the wonderful memories. With so many family gatherings and parties, the opportunities to propose is never-ending.  The most important part is buying the engagement ring.

The trend of having a Rose Gold Ring as an engagement ring began when Audrey Hepburn used hers as a backup. It is an excellent way to move away from the tradition of having a yellow-gold or a white gold ring. With Christmas around the corner, there isn’t a better time to buy a rose gold ring than now.

One of Glitz Design’s rose gold engagement rings are the Natural Princess Cut Diamond Cathedral Setting Engagement Ring on 14K Rose Gold. This ring is simple yet gorgeous! The focal point is the diamond in the middle. This diamond can come in VS1 to I2 clarity, and G-H or I-J color. 


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