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Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Jewelry

Virtual Happy Hour Cocktail Jewelry

Covid-19 pandemic is an ongoing global health crisis. While the globe is fighting against this coronavirus pandemic and people are focusing on social distancing and self-isolating to protect themselves from CoronaVirus, social gatherings with friends and family are on pause.  Since many restaurants and bars are closed, most of us are dying for meeting their loved ones. So people have found a new way to go out and meet their friends and it is called a Virtual Happy Hour. 

So what is a virtual happy hour? Choose a platform instead of a restaurant or bar, create a meeting time just as you plan to hang out with friends and send out invites. Then, work on your happy hour menu, happy hour bar, get ready with your beautiful dress, add the touch of cocktail jewelry and gather together with a snack, good music, and lots of gossiping. Also, decide whether you want to have Sunday Happy Hour or Saturday Happy hour, whether you want to have a yard happy hour or somewhere in your house. Decide on a theme and decorate the place accordingly. 

There are many platforms for a virtual happy hour like WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, but out of these, people prefer the Zoom app the most. Virtual zoom meetings can let you have all your friends and family to your happy hour. Once you decide your menu, bar, theme, zoom games, virtual games, zoom backgrounds, and everything else, all you want is to look the best. 

A wardrobe change will set your party mood on fire and as it is from your own place, you can have a look that matches your mood and personality. A party is a perfect time for you to shine like a diamond. Pile on all your cocktail jewelry and let your soul sparkle. Cocktail jewelry is something that takes everyone’s attention as it is bigger and it rises significantly off the finger. You can add many color gems to it or a lot of small diamonds for that extra spark. Since you will be seen only on a screen, it is not enough just to wear a pretty dress, you need to do something highly visible. Try a marquise twirl elongated knuckle cocktail ring or Filigree diamond cocktail ring or multi-row diamond cocktail knuckle ring or anything with the colored gemstones. So pick your favorite dress and match it with a cocktail ring or cocktail earrings. Are you falling short at that cocktail jewelry? No worries, Check out our magnificent collection of Cocktail jewelry only at !

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