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Tips for your Marriage Proposal

A marriage proposal is the ultimate question of your life. You want that moment to go perfect and answer to be yes. A lot of ideas and thoughts but only one way to express your feelings. We are here to help you with our 5 tips.

  1. Pick the most romantic place

Once you have decided to pop the question, let the place be the most romantic place which helps you in getting yes from your love. Whether you want the place which has your memories or you want to propose at a party in front of your family or friends. Give yourself time for all the preparations. You know her the best and you can judge what kind of environment she would love.

  1.  Pick the date

Do you have some specific date of your relationship? When you met first or when you started your love story? Or a date that reminds you of your trip or a party? Take time to think which date means the most to her. The date and the place are very important but make sure you don’t spend a lot of time on it as you still need to decide on the engagement ring.

  1.  It’s time to look for an Engagement Ring

If you are looking for a lasting symbol of a commitment, the ring is a must. It can have diamonds, gemstones, a combination of both or no gems at all. Engagement Ring tradition was introduced by Maximilian in 1477. As a promise of marriage, he gave a ring set with thin, flat pieces of diamonds to his soon to be wife. The diamond engagement ring has become a universal symbol of your love and marriage. The hardest gemstone and women’s best friend, diamond can make a perfect choice for your engagement ring.

  1.  Pick a ring that suits her personality

Do some research about Engagement Ring styles and Diamond Qualities. Learn the 4Cs of a diamond at To get an idea of types of Diamond Engagement Ring, browse through at Pick the style that suits her personality. After all, that’s the piece of jewelry she 'll be wearing her entire life. So make sure, it is the perfect reflection of who she is. Your aim is to stay focused on her style. What’s her personality? Is she traditional, Contemporary, Minimalist? What would she prefer - yellow gold, white gold or rose gold? And if you are unsure of her choice, you can always take advice from her friends and family.

  1. The best words which can express your emotions

What to say? How to say? Should you go on your knees? Let the ring express your feelings? Do you need some words to express your feelings? A lot of questions! A marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and it’s obvious that you want to give your best and to make it the most memorable moment of her life.

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