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Things to know about Diamond Carat Weight!

Carat weight - the measurement of how much a diamond weighs. It is the 4th “C” of 4C’s of a diamond. It is important to understand what carat weight is as it impacts diamond’s price. Carat is an international unit for gem weight. One carat is 0.20 gm and metric carat is divided into 100 points. So 2.15 carat weight of a diamond means 2 carat and 15 points. Know that carat is not same as Karat as Karat is the unit for the fineness of gold.

Understand the difference between Carat weight and Diamond size:

Two gems having the same carat weight may have different sizes because different gems have different densities. For example, one carat Ruby would look smaller than one carat diamond as the density of ruby is higher. Diamond size also depends on how the diamond is cut. If the diamond cut is poor, a diamond may have a thick girdle and the extra weight can be hidden in the girdle. So the poorly cut 2.10 carat diamond would look just the same as perfectly cut 2 carat diamond. So sometimes diamond cut becomes more important than diamond carat weight.

Diamond carat weight affects diamond price:

The price of a diamond highly depends on the rarity of a diamond. It is very easy to find diamonds smaller than a carat so the per carat price of 0.50 carat is less than the per carat price of 1 carat. Some sizes are referred as magic sizes and those are 0.25 ct, 0.50 ct, 0.75 ct, 1 ct, etc. One can not distinguish between 0.95 ct and 1 ct, but there are people who would like to have a symbolic round figure. Diamonds with such magic sizes or just above magic sizes are generally more expensive. So if such magic size does not matter to you, you can save some money by selecting some points less weighing diamond.

Difference between carat weight and total carat weight:

There are many styles of diamond engagement rings having more than one diamond. Carat weight refers to the weight of a single diamond while total carat weight means a weight of all diamonds. For example, halo diamond engagement ring has diamonds around the center stone. So the engagement ring having 0.75 carat center diamond surrounded by 0.50 carat small diamonds have 1.25 total carat weight that is sometimes abbreviated as tcw.

A bigger diamond is not always better:

If you have a limited budget to buy a diamond engagement ring, you will have to prioritize the 4Cs to decide which C is important for you. Most of the time, diamond carat weight is not that important because you want a diamond that would catch someone’s attention with its sparkle. A diamond needs lots of brightness and fire in it to listen “WOW” from your special ones and that fire comes with an excellent Cut of a diamond.

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