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Things to know about Colored Diamonds!

Wedding season is just around the corner. If you are the one who liked to add the color to your engagement ring, you must know all about colored diamonds. Learn to understand the quality of colored diamonds and how they are valued.

Colored Diamonds are evaluated and esteemed uniquely in contrast to colorless diamonds. Colored diamonds are ones that are observably yellow, pink, blue, red, brown, orange, purple, green, grey or black. This does exclude diamonds in the typical shading range that is somewhat yellowish, marginally earthy or marginally grayish. If the diamond has a natural color, it is called a fancy color diamonds.

Colored diamonds are graded differently than colorless diamonds. For colorless diamonds, the grading system depends on the absence of the color when the diamond is observed table down. While the grading system of the colored diamonds depends on the presence of the color when the diamond is observed face up. The color of the diamonds could be faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy dark, fancy intense, fancy deep, and fancy vivid. The more color, the better. Fancy dark has more color than fancy light and so the price of the fancy dark is more.

Fancy color diamonds are rarer than the colorless diamonds in the range of D to Z. According to GIA blogs, some experts believe that only 2% of the total rough diamonds are fancy colored. It is no surprise that rarity affects the price, some colored diamonds can sell for millions of dollars at auction.

Sometimes, diamonds are treated to alter the color. Treatment can reduce the price of the diamond. So diamonds which are not treated are far more valuable than the diamonds which are treated. The most common technique to change or enhance the color is the High pressure, High-Temperature process. It is also called the HPHT process. The resulting color is believed permanent, but it has to be disclosed. The other processes are irradiating a diamond or coating it.

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