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The Promise Ring - Assurance for her!

There has been a lot of confusion about Promise Rings. What is a Promise Ring? What does it mean to offer a Promise Ring? Which finger does a Promise Ring go on? Is it a promise ring or a commitment ring or a pre-engagement ring?

Promise Ring is a symbol of commitment. Though all the couples have a different definition of the promise ring, the most popular form of a promise ring is for the couples wanting to take the next step in their relationship. It is a perfect way of representing a commitment to each other. Many couples take the promise ring as a symbol of future engagement, some take it just to show devotion to one another. The concept of a promise ring may seem a very new trend but such rings have been used as a promise since ancient times.

Today, there are few ways to describe the meaning of promise rings. Not just couples use them for the commitment, but many other relations also use promise ring to give a promise. For example, good friends exchange a promise ring to give a promise of being there for one another. Sometimes, a promise ring is used as a promise to yourself as well.

Promise Rings are getting popular very rapidly these days through the promotion of celebrities like Kylie Jenner receiving one from her boyfriend, Tyga. Over the years, many celebrities have worn promise rings to symbolize their commitment. Jessica Simpson received one from her father at the age of 12, and she wore it until she got engaged. Many Disney celebrities like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Miley Cyrus also wore Promise Rings.

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