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The Process of Intertwining Two Souls

Weddings are such a beautiful experience. They have the power to make everyone happy! Weddings give out so much positive energy that it makes anything from a chair to the food looks fantastic. One thing that should be completely perfect besides the bride and the groom is their ring. That should be the biggest wow factor of the wedding ceremony. What’s better than getting an intertwined ring? It is much more unique than other regular wedding rings and also can be matched up with any outfit.

On of Glitz Design’s favorite pieces is the Diamond Prong Setting Intertwined Bridal Ring Set. It is the perfect wedding ring. It has a ring that is intertwined within itself and a diamond in the center with smaller diamonds surrounding it. It underneath the ring is a band with diamonds lined up side by side across the band. This beautiful set can be bought in 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, or Rose Gold. This diamond can be one’s choice of clarity of SI, I1 and I2 and color of F-G or I-J.

This diamond bridal ring set is one of a unique sets one can have for their wedding. It stands out and is the wow factor no one will forget.

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