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The Historic Cullinan Diamond!

Diamonds are not just the most valuable gems but they are also some of the most scientifically valuable samples of the deep earth. Diamonds provide the information for research from more than 100 miles underground and from billions of years in the past. No other minerals provide such in-depth information.

The Cullinan Diamond - the largest rough diamond ever. It was found in the premier no 2. mine at Cullinan, South Africa in April 1905. It was discovered 18 feet below the surface by Frederick Wells, surface manager at the mine. It was around 10.1 centimeters long, 6.35 centimeters wide, and 5.9 centimeters deep. Large and relatively pure, the Cullinan Diamond weighed 3106.75 ct. It was believed to be unusual based on their characteristic of exhibiting exceptional color and clarity. Even though many people were interested in this diamond, it remained unsold when it was put on sale in London. It was seen by around 8000-9000 people but due to immense value, no one was able to buy it. While many people were planning to steal this priceless diamond, the Cullinan was sent to the United Kingdom in a plain box via registered post. In 1907, the Cullinan was bought by Transvaal Colony government and they presented it to the King Edvard on his 66th birthday.

The Cullinan diamond produced 9 major and 96 minor stones in various cuts and sizes and the largest was called Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa. It is the largest clear cut diamond in the world at 530.4 ct. The second largest diamond weighing 317.4 ct was called Cullinan II or the Second Star of Africa. Both diamonds are the part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

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