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Synthetic Diamonds – Are they truly Eco-Friendly, Ethical or even Socially Conscious?

Since diamonds became the highest worn and most popular gems last century around the world, there were always corporations and research institutes out to product something equally marvelous spectacular and dazzling. Millions of dollars were spent in researching techniques to produce these World Class Gems that would mean Trillions of dollars in profit for the same groups of people. But are these diamonds as Eco-Friendly, Environmentally and Socially responsible and so ethical as they are marketed to be?

Synthetic or Lab Created Diamonds as they are called are made with High Pressure Techniques in Reactors and virtually grown. The process involves minimal human interference once fine-tuned and employs few people. This means it is a complete Mass Production Mass Profit Scheme for these research groups / corporations. The fact is this is not ethics nor is it socially beneficial to any human community. The environmental benefits are unknown. Infact, those that market synthetic diamonds as an alternative to fair trade and development diamonds are taking bread out of the mouths of the poorest people in the world. Those that market synthetic diamonds, claiming that they are a more ethical alternative to natural diamonds, are making false claims that threaten the lives and livelihood of millions of artisanal diggers.

As far as Naturally occurring, Earth-mined Diamonds go One and a half million diamond diggers and 7 Million other people that they support rely on the sale of their natural diamonds to sustain their lives. While new products and innovation should be supported, but it is highly unethical to claim that synthetic diamonds are more ethical than natural diamonds, while destroying the lives of the poorest and neediest people in the world. Synthetic diamonds are definitely not more ethical than natural fair trade or development diamonds.

Think twice before you fall for Any Kind of False Marketing that the Sellers of Synthetic Diamonds might ploy you into. Buy Natural & Earth-mined Diamonds because they are a Beauty of our World not one from the World of Profit that these Corporations are trying to create.

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