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SI vs I clarity

SI Clarity VS I1-I2 Clarity

Diamond clarity is graded by the size and position of the flaws within and on the diamond surface. According to GIA (Gemological Institute of America), there are six grades of Diamond Clarity.

  1. FL (Flawless)
  2. IF (Internally Flawless)
  3. VVS (Very Very slightly included)
  4. VS (Very slightly included)
  5. SI (Slightly included)
  6. I (Included)

An SI (slightly included) diamond and an I1-I2 (included) diamond differ in clarity and differ significantly in price. The difference between SI and I clarity diamond is that an SI diamond will not usually have clearly visible inclusions. They could be visible under 10X magnifications, but inclusions in SI would be more difficult to notice than in I1-I2. So if you can see a line, a black spot or any kind of imperfection on the surface of the diamond without a loupe, mostly it would be an “I” clarity diamond.

SI clarity diamonds are popular among buyers as these diamonds are affordable than higher clarity diamonds and the inclusions are not so visible with naked eyes. So SI would definitely be a better choice while considering a diamond clarity. But what if you are getting a good “I” clarity diamonds in which inclusions are hard to see with naked eyes? Don’t you wanna save money and make your loved ones happy with the affordable price?  If an “I” is your preferred clarity, it is advisable to buy a diamond that is smaller than a carat as inclusions in bigger diamonds are always more noticeable. I1 is the top clarity grade in an “I” category. It is best to go for an I1 clarity diamond because as you go further down, the inclusions become very clear and it would make the stone look weaker.

We carry the best possible “I” clarity diamonds for those who are primarily concerned with size and price. We do carry SI clarity diamonds those are high grade and excellent cuts for the best fire and brilliance. Check out the fine diamond jewelry at!

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