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Relationships with a Beautiful Past, a Wonderful Present, and a Hopeful Future

Engagements and Anniversaries are fascinating celebrations. They require an immense amount of commitment and love. Engagements are the beginning of a new chapter while anniversary is a remembrance of the years spent with a significant other. One thing that they have in common is that both events can be celebrated by gifting a ring.

The tradition of engagements originated from the Ancient Greeks during the B.C. Period while the Ancient Egyptians were inventing the ring and the ideology behind placing it on the ring finger. The myth states that the vein on the ring finger connects to the heart. Therefore, the ring put on the ring finger must be the person you plan to spend the rest of your life. This led to the celebration of anniversaries.

The three-stoned diamond rings are a perfect match for these occasions. When bought as an engagement ring, it portrays the strength of one’s love and their strong belief in the future.

One of the three-stoned rings a part of Glitz Design’s is the Diamond Engraved Three-Stone Ring. The stone in the middle is the largest, representing the “present” part of the relationship. There is a beautiful design engraved on the band representing a bond of a lifetime. This gorgeous ring comes in 14K Rose gold, Yellow gold, and White Gold. The diamond in the middle weighs 0.22 carats and the two diamonds adjacent to it weighs 0.16 carats. Regardless of the type of three-stone ring one chooses, the meaning behind the ring will continue to strengthen any relationship.

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