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Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement ring - Traditional yet modern!

Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement ring - Traditional yet modern!

Known for their attention-grabbing sparkle, these princess cut diamond engagement rings have gained popularity for their brilliance and fire. This stunning princess cut was first introduced in 1979 that makes this cut the newest diamond cuts. It is the second diamond choice after the Round Brilliant diamond for engagement rings. As the name “Princess” suggests, this cut gives a perfect royal look to your engagement ring. 

Princess cut Diamonds have a modified brilliant facet arrangement that helps in their electrifying sparkle and beauty. Such an arrangement makes the princess cut different from emerald cut and cushion cut diamond having a step-cut faceting style. 

It is very important to learn how to select a perfect princess cut diamond for your engagement ring. The most important thing to consider for its appealing look is the diamond’s length-to-width ratio. For the perfect square princess cut, the ratio should be no greater than 1.05:1. While Rectangular princess cut can have various ratios but it is commonly 1.25:1. 

The second thing after shape to consider is its symmetry. The symmetry impacts the allure of a princess cut stone. The faceting should match horizontally and vertically on both sides of its midpoint when viewed from the top. At the point when a princess cut diamond is turned face down, the faceting and shape of each side should reflect the side inverse. 

When looking for a princess cut engagement ring, it's imperative to understand that the sharp directed corners that contribute toward the diamond's strong geometry are likewise territories that are powerless against chipping. Picking a setting with four V-shaped prongs, eight prongs with two at each corner, or a bezel setting will keep the corners solid and protect a princess cut diamond's royal look.

The benefit of picking a princess cut engagement ring is its price. The princess cut diamond costs less per carat than a round brilliant cut diamond. So pick the princess cut diamond engagement ring for its royal shape and brilliance, and your future bride will feel as regal as its name suggests. 

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