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Luxury face-masks

Covid-19 pandemic is an ongoing global health crisis. While the globe is fighting against this coronavirus pandemic, people are adapting to live with such a scenario. In this pandemic, the most necessary thing is a face-mask. Covid-19 has forced everyone to cover their faces with the mask. Who would have thought these face-masks would become the fashion accessory. We, humans, have always turned the utilities into the fashion and that’s the exact thing we have done for the face-masks. The face-masks have been used to reduce the spread of Covid-19, they have quickly become a fashion accessory. 

While the Covid-19 pandemic can not be the reason for a fashion show, fashion has always been a way of expressing oneself. Now when people are not able to communicate well with their smile as most of the face is covered with a mask, they would find a way of making an impression. And that’s how a utility product became a fashion accessory. 

Is it possible to keep the fashion accessories without adding the touch of luxury? Now companies like American Eagle, Gap, Forever 21 are selling masks, In this mask market, a high-end luxury has been added in the form of expensive designer masks. A few names selling the luxury face-masks include Michael NGO, Proenza Schouler, Collina Strada, VPL, xSuit, etc. These brands sell the face-masks anywhere between $100-$150 each. They have come up with different designs such as some of the masks come with wings, some of them are Swarovski-crystal-encrusted and some of them are made of Japanese silk. 

When we think we have seen it all, jewelers were still to use their invisible hat of creativity and came up with a mask no one could have ever imagined. One of the jewelers from India has invented a diamond-studded mask that cost at least some thousands of dollars. They have made this mask using N-95 mask but is encrusted with 18K yellow gold and diamonds making it a luxury mask. Hence, the face-masks are not just luxury fashion accessories, but also a way of investment. 

Yvel, an Israel based jeweler has announced the world’s most expensive coronavirus face-mask worth $1.5 million. This custom-made, ultra-lux mask is made up of 18K Gold encrusted with 3,600 white and black diamonds and can be fitted with the N99 filters. This mask with a lot of bling is not so light and it weighs 270 gms, which is around 100 times the weight of a normal surgical mask. 

Let’s see what is yet to come when it is about fashion. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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