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Learn how to select a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Learn how to select a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Express your love with the stunning Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring. Picking a Yellow Diamond Ring requires knowledge on Yellow Diamonds, treatments and effect of metals on appearance. Yellow Diamonds are evaluated and esteemed uniquely in contrast to colorless diamonds.

Yellow Diamonds are one of the most popular color stones. The Yellow Diamond gets its color from the nitrogen impurities present in its crystal structure. A fancy color Yellow Diamond falls outside the color zone (D to Z) of colorless diamonds. The Yellow diamond is called fancy when the color is above Z color. Here is the major difference between diamonds and fancy yellow diamonds. Diamonds in the D-to-Z go as a rule decline in an incentive as the color turns out to be increasingly self-evident. The inverse occurs with fancy colored diamonds. Their worth for the most part increments with the quality and virtue of the color. 

GIA’s grading system puts most colored diamonds in one of nine classes dependent on the precious stone's shade, tone and immersion: Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, and Fancy Vivid. The initial three evaluations aren't utilized for yellow precious stones, so the scale for yellow starts with Fancy Light. Most of the yellow diamonds in the gems business are reviewed Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid. Darker the hue of yellow diamonds, the better. Fancy Vivid diamonds have more color than fancy deep diamonds and so they are more valuable. 

Manufacturers typically use these two treatments to modify off-color diamonds like brownish or yellowish. The HPHT (High-Pressure High Temperature) process can change some diamonds to yellow and Artificial irradiation with heating is used to induce a deep yellow color to a diamond. 

It is difficult to find a Round Cut Yellow Diamond for your engagement ring as yellow diamonds display a progressively extreme face-up color appearance when they're cut in a shape other than round. The yellow diamond set in a mounting may appear darker than it actually is as diamonds are very reflective. Their facets reflect the surrounding which includes the prongs holding the diamond and color of the metal. If you want your engagement ring to highlight the color of the yellow diamond, then white metal (includes white gold and platinum) and rose gold will make a difference between the mounting and the yellow diamond. White gold makes for a streamlined, advanced look. A rose gold mounting will make a warmer differentiation. And, if you want your engagement ring to complement the color of a diamond, then yellow gold would harmonize with a yellow diamond. 

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