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How to become a jewelry designer!

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How to become a jewelry designer!

In today’s world, you turn around and you will see someone or other is flaunting their piece of jewelry and guess what happens? You just can’t take your eyes off. Right? But have you ever thought about the fact of how much effort someone put to create this mesmerizing jewelry? 

If you carry an invisible hat of creativity and would love to share your designs with the world then jewelry designing is the perfect way to express yourself and style others. A jewelry designer gets to bring emotional value to the jewelry while working with the most precious materials like diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals. A jewelry designer needs to be an artist and should have technical and commercial knowledge to bring the touch of personal stories to each piece of jewelry. 

What does a jewelry designer do to make that exquisite piece of jewelry?

The most important role of the jewelry designer is to have a solid artistic vision. Whether you run your own business or work as a professional for a designer jewelry brand, you should have the ability to imagine and create something that makes a person go wow. There is no point in just imagining the jewelry if you can’t convert your imagination into reality. So the jewelry designer must be capable of bringing his/her thoughts into this world. A jewelry designer job may include:

  • Discuss design with the clients or take the inspiration from the sources to brainstorm an idea.
  • Produce design via hand or using CAD software and render the final design.
  • Finalize the stones, gems or diamonds to match the design. 
  • Either mass-produce the jewelry by the staff or a machine or create an individual one of a kind piece of jewelry. 
  • Create a putty and cut, polish, and set the stones to create the design.

How to start your journey of becoming a jewelry designer?

Think… Think… Think… There are many different ways one can take to become a skilled and professional designer. So decide whether you want to specialize in the design part or you want to design and create a piece of jewelry. If you want to focus only on the design part, you may want to concentrate on your illustration skills and if you want to create your design as well, it will take a lot of knowledge and practice to work with different kinds of metals, gems or materials. 

And now educate yourself either in the form of a formal course or teach yourself. Whatever you choose, it is important to have a proper understanding and knowledge to become a successful designer. There are many jewelry designing courses at a university and the duration may vary from 6 months to 3 years. 

Once you have completed your education, your journey starts from becoming a student to a professional. Have a beautiful portfolio and skills when you are looking for a job. Keep learning and expanding your knowledge about the jewelry industry is a must to stick in this competitive profession. Whether you are making mens designer jewelry, vintage designer jewelry, designer costume jewelry or designer inspired jewelry, you must keep on updating yourself. David Yurman is one of the best jewelry designing brands in the world. 

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