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Glitz Design Launches Their New Product: Peridot Marquise Diamond Ring

August is one of the most interesting months of the year – mainly because the fashion trends tend to change right about this period. People begin to change their attire to a more Fall setting, the atmosphere begins to change, and people begin to prepare for the cooler months to come.

One of the most eye-catching ways of blending in with the change in fashion is to incorporate Peridot Jewelry in your Fall outfits. The peridot stone is the August birthstone. The stone has a green color with a hint of yellow mixed with it. In the past, this stone was known to have healing powers, aid in success, growth, and protection of evil.  Throughout generations, it created a great fashion sense as well.

Glitz Design announces the launch of their new product: The August Birthstone Peridot Marquise 14K Gold Diamond Ring. This beautiful ring has an oval peridot center stone that is surrounded by diamonds to create a flowery look. This item comes in 14K white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. The enlarged center stone is what grabs the attention of many jewelry lovers. Its intriguing beauty is what changes the look of any attire you wear.

Not only does this make a beautiful fashion sense, but it also makes a great birthday gift for a loved one whose birthday is in this month. Glitz Design has many other birthstone rings and earrings along with the Peridot Marquise Diamond Ring. You can find this ring among with many other birthstone jewelry on and stay updated with new product launches on our Facebook (GlitzDesignJewelry), Instagram (glitz_design), and Twitter (glitzdesignUSA).

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