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Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Styles

An Engagement Ring is a lifetime commitment of your eternal love. Marquise, Oval, and Cushion cut diamonds are trending these days.

Let’s look at such styles of Engagement Rings:

  1. Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Cushion Cut diamond brings a classic elegance in an Engagement Ring. It reminds the old mine cut diamond having curved sides and rounded corners. This shape does have variations which include elongated, rounded squares, and rectangular proportions. It is perfect for the hearts of romantics, nonconformists. It creates the vintage look with its beauty.
  2. Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: Out of all the diamond shapes, Round Brilliant Diamond is the most popular and attractive shape because of its multiple facets for enhanced brilliance. But nowadays, brides are falling in love with the diamond shapes other than round. The Marquise shaped diamond is long and narrow, it tends to create the illusion of the person wearing it to have longer, more slender fingers. Their extended length creates the ability for them to look bigger than any other diamond shape of the same carat weight.
  3. Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: A modified form of the Round Brilliant Diamond, an Oval Cut Diamond possesses brilliant fire and sparkle. An Oval Cut Diamond may look bigger as it has a larger surface area than a round cut diamond of equal carat weight. An Oval cut diamond has fewer chances of getting chipped as compared to other fancy shapes because it doesn’t have sharp corners. With all these enchanting qualities, an oval cut diamond is getting a lot of popularities.
  4. Two-tone Halo Engagement Ring: Halo Diamond Engagement Ring style is famous for years. Beautifully crafted diamonds in the halo that encircle the sparkling center diamond, make this ring look extraordinarily beautiful. The halo makes the center stone look bigger and also it creates more sparkle. Nowadays, designers add the different color to the halo to give the ring two-tone. This could be achieved either by setting different color diamonds in the halo or simply using a different color metal halo. It creates the drama and adds excitement to the engagement ring.
  5. Custom Engagement Ring: There are many styles available for an Engagement ring but sometimes people want a custom-designed engagement ring to express their love. While giving a custom design, you need to figure out what diamond shapes, metal color, and style she prefers. Also, sometimes it takes longer than you imagine to create a custom engagement ring. So it is advisable to ask how long will it take the jeweler to make the ring!

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