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Citrine - The another birthstone for the month of November. The word “Citrine” is derived from the French word Citrine meaning Lemon. It is the variety of quartz which ranges from transparent yellow to brownish orange. The color shades are due to ferric impurities. Citrine has been a popular choice since ancient times and has been used in jewelry for thousand years. It is the gem for 13th wedding anniversary. It is rare to find natural Citrines; most of the commercial citrines result from the heat treatment of Amethyst.

The major source of Citrine is Brazil, but it is also found in Mexico, Spain, Madagascar, Bolivia, and Uruguay. Bolivia’s Anahi Mine produces a unique combination of amethyst and citrine in the same crystal. When they show their colors together, it is called an Ametrine. Anahi mine is an important source of natural Citrine that is not heat treated. Citrine found at the Anahi Mine ranges from orange-yellow to brownish yellow.

Citrine carries good toughness and ranks 7 at the Mohs Scale of hardness, is a very good choice for everyday jewelry. It can be easily cleaned with warm water.

Chinese legends believed that Citrine is the Stone for Success, while modern Chinese students use the Citrine for luck in the exams. It is also associated with hope, youth, health, and strength.

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