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Buy Black Diamond Earrings ? Holiday gifts for her ? Find out more

Buy Black Diamond Earrings ? Holiday gifts for her ? Find out more

Black Diamonds - the most popular color of colored diamonds! These beautiful gems are getting popular these days as the popularity of unconventional engagement rings has grown. 

Black Diamonds are opaque diamonds with a bright shine and luster that come in just one color power: Fancy Black, in contrast to the quality of shading in other color diamonds. Other color diamonds are found in an assortment of color intensities extending from Faint to Fancy Deep/Dark. Dissimilar to other color diamonds that get their color from land debasements, for example, nitrogen, hydrogen, and boron, black diamonds owe their color to the consideration of graphite and irregular bunching all through the diamond. Throughout the years, black diamonds have developed extraordinarily as far as popularity is concerned because of superstars who have been seen donning black diamond rings and black diamond earrings for women at wedding and engagement functions.

There are two types of black diamonds, diamonds that build up their natural black color during their arrangement far below the world's surface, and diamonds that are enhanced to get a black color. The black color of the black diamonds is the result of heating treatment, while natural fancy black diamonds are found in the rough with the same black color. As the natural fancy black diamonds are rare, some of the diamond manufacturers started artificially enhancing low-quality colorless diamonds by heating them in their rough state until they get a dark opaque black color. Treated black diamonds are relatively less expensive than natural black diamonds and the demand for treated black diamonds is also low as people prefer the real thing. Natural black diamonds are found in very few places that include Central Africa and Brazil. Black diamonds are one of the most esteemed for their artistic beauty and dark black appeal. 

To get the certified black diamond is the only know for sure whether your black diamonds in a black diamond engagement ring for women or black diamond earrings are natural fancy black diamonds or treated black diamonds. GIA provides the certification of loose black diamonds or black diamonds in your black diamond earrings for women, black diamond rings that includes the color grade as black, color origin as natural, carat weight and diamond measurements.  The shape, size, and luster of the black diamonds are the most important factors to consider while purchasing them. 

One of the most famous black diamonds is the one Carrie Bradshaw received from Mr. Big on the sets of a popular tv show sex and the city. He presented her with one of the most gorgeous black diamond rings/ diamond engagement rings. The fashion icon Carmen Electra received a black diamond engagement ring from Rob Patterson is one more reason for the black diamonds to get a lot of popularity. Apart from them, Angelina Jolie, Evan Rachel Wood, Lauren Conrad, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Lawrence are few more names who have been spotted with black diamond earrings for women at wedding and engagement functions.  

Black diamonds look absolutely stunning on jewelry. Not only because of their lower price point, but also because of their opaque color, black diamond jewelry is becoming increasingly popular. Browse through our latest collection of black diamond engagement rings for women, black diamond earrings for women and men at!

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